Hot Tubs and Spas

Strong Spas, relax, revive and rejuvenate. All your aches and muscle tension vanish as soon as you step into a Strong Spas hot tub. Strong Spas hot tubs are a perfect way to achieve ultimate relaxation, right in the privacy of your own backyard. Strong Spas hot tubs make a wonderful addition to your home and are built to last a lifetime. Its unique structure and technological design makes it like no other hot tub. Our Dura-Last™ cabinets, Energy-Lok™ and Forge-Cast™ systems are just a few features that make Strong Spas hot tubs such a worthwhile investment.

Durasport™ rationally molded spas are lightweight, durable and easy to set up. Installation of our spas is as simple as 1-2-3. First, place the spa on a flat, level surface. Second, fill it up with water from a garden hose. Third, plug it in and enjoy! Most other spas have to be placed on a prepared concrete pad to provide structural support, and special electronics have to be hardwired by an electrician, both of which can be very costly. Not Durasport™... just 1-2-3 and enjoy!

Choose from a broad line of models. Allow up to 4 weeks for special order spas.